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Rei's husband is so busy that he has no time to spend with her. Even though he was often at home and met, Rei's sexual desires were not satisfied. The neighbor was fascinated by Rei's beautiful body. When he couldn't resist anymore, he took advantage of Rei's husband not coming home and raped her through the night until morning. He also took pictures to threaten her, forcing her to open the door for him every night. And from then on, he came every night to fuck Rei through the night and into the morning, even fucking her right next to her husband! Even though she was raped, Rei's body craved to be fucked more by him. He brought her a feeling of pleasure that her husband could not. And when the neighbor didn't come, Rei felt itchy and uncomfortable. She used the excuse of having to go to the grocery store to knock on the neighbor's door, actively inviting him to fuck her...

JUL-309 The husband is engrossed in work and the wife has an affair with a neighbor out of lust
 Movie Code: JUL-309 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Rei Kuruki