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Namiki Aina and her husband, a newlywed couple, moved to live in a small apartment in the heart of the city, but their happiness didn't last long when the wife encountered a big incident. That was his next-door neighbor. At home, because he was fascinated by Namiki Aina's body, he raped her while her husband was away. With housework and her husband often coming home late from work, it created conditions for him to sneak into the house without realizing it. At first, she thought he was coming to make friends because they had just moved in, so Namiki Aina was not on guard, but then he pounced on her hot breasts. After a few times So, she also feels that he has better sex than her husband and opens up almost every day to this neighbor, so guys, be careful if you have a beautiful wife but don't know how to enjoy it, then you will die @@

EYAN-193 Fucking the neighbor's wife who has it but doesn't know how to enjoy it
 Movie Code: EYAN-193 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Namiki Aina