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Hikari, a young tutor with a perfect body. Her big breasts make it impossible for Hiroshi to concentrate on studying. Knowing that her student was fascinated by her breasts, Hikari immediately helped him satisfy his sexual desires so that Hiroshi could focus more on studying. But they couldn't have sex, so Hikari immediately helped him by giving him a blow job. By chance, Hiroshi's father discovered everything. He planned to have a serious talk with her, but Hikari instead seduced him. Because his wife passed away a long time ago, being seduced by such a beautiful young girl made him irresistible. Not only stopping at her father, Hikari even seduced Hiroshi's older brother, and eventually took away Hiroshi's virginity. Since Hikari had sex with the whole family, Hiroshi's grades are better, his brother works harder, and his father finally enjoys the pleasure he hasn't had in a long time...

HBAD-586 Stop studying and fuck me
 Movie Code: HBAD-586 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Hikari Sena