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Since joining the company, Tatsumi has always admired department head Mizukawa, and she is also the director's wife. Mizukawa is an extremely beautiful woman and very good at her job. Because he was busy watching the department head, Tatsumi often made mistakes and was scolded. The colleague sitting next to him also noticed and advised him to give up, Mizukawa was someone he couldn't reach. Even though he knew that, he couldn't ignore his feelings for her. Because he was so busy thinking about the department head, he didn't have time to complete the documents. There was no other way, so Tatsumi had to stay and work more. Coincidentally, Mizukawa forgot something so she returned to the company. Seeing Tatsumi still working hard, she invited him out for a drink. This was the first time Tatsumi had seen Mizukawa's extremely gentle appearance, and he was even more attracted to her than before. Mizukawa is the same, she doesn't know why but she feels extremely secure when she is with Tatsumi, she can easily confide everything to him. The distance between the two gradually narrowed, Mizukawa proactively kissed his lips. While the two were embarrassed, Mizukawa immediately led Tatsumi to the hotel where she often went. This is her secret place, the place she uses to forget all her troubles. But today she wanted to be with Tatsumi in this place, to become one with each other, to share her feelings with him. And after that time, the two knew each other's feelings for them. The next day, Mizukawa forced Tatsumi to redo the purpose documents so he had to work overtime. And that night, the two of them continuously made love to each other right at the company. Unfortunately, this scene was recorded by Tatsumi's colleague and spread throughout the company. Mizukawa's husband wants to transfer her to the Osaka branch and fire Tatsumi to calm things down. But Mizukawa had made her decision. She decided to throw everything away, divorce her husband to follow Tatsumi. Even though she doesn't know what the future will be like and has to live with Tatsumi in a cramped room, Mizukawa feels extremely happy, something her previous rich life could not bring her...

DASS-001 The employee raped his boss's wife
 Movie Code: DASS-001 
 Actor: Sumire Mizukawa